The Sugar Camp Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 7

Simon & Schuster #ad - After he meets with a violent end, Dorothea discovers that the quilt contains hidden clues to guide runaway slaves along the Underground Railroad. A gifted quilter, she tragically loses her hope chest in a flood. A week after uncle Jacob's death, Abel Wright came to pay his respects. A dutiful daughter and niece, Dorothea Granger finds her dreams of furthering her education thwarted by the needs of home.

Then he looked up and said, "I have something to tell you and your folks. History is thick with secrets in The Sugar Camp Quilt, seventh in the beloved Elm Creek Quilts series from bestselling author Jennifer Chiaverini. Emboldened by the revelations about her uncle's bravery, Dorothea resolves to continue his dangerous work.

Told with jennifer chiaverini's trademark historical suspense, romance, The Sugar Camp Quilt blends danger, moral courage, and hope into a novel of antebellum America whose lessons resonate with timeless honesty. Armed with the sugar camp quilt and its mysterious symbols, she must evade slavecatchers and outwit unscrupulous neighbors, embarking upon a heroic journey that allows her to discover her own courage and resourcefulness -- unsuspected qualities that may win her the heart of the best man she has ever known.

The Sugar Camp Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 7 #ad - Dorothea granger took him to the grave and stood some distance away while he bowed his head in silent prayer. A superior student, she is promoted from pupil to teacher -- only to lose her position to the privileged son of a town benefactor. But the ultimate test of her courage and convictions comes with the death of her stern uncle Jacob, who inexplicably had asked Dorothea to stitch him a quilt with four unusual patterns of his own design.


Circle of Quilters: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 9

Simon & Schuster #ad - As they begin the interview process, a single question emerges: Who can possibly take the place of beloved colleagues and friends? "We must evaluate all of the applicants' qualities, " advises Master Quilter Sylvia Compson. The impending departure of two founding members means untold changes for the Elm Creek Quilters.

The ninth book in jennifer chiaverini's bestselling series—when two of Elm Creek Quilts’ founding members decide to leave the fold, who can possibly take their place in the circle of quilters?When Elm Creek Quilts announces openings for two new teachers, quilters everywhere are vying to land the prestigious post.

Circle of Quilters: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 9 #ad - Our choice will say as much about us as it says about who we decide to hire. Who merits a place among the circle of quilters? will it be maggie, the male quilter with a completely original style; Karen, whose food-themed quilts are wonderfully innovative; Russ, a novice teacher whose gifts for language complement her deep understanding of the quilters' mission; or Gretchen, whose love of history shines through in all her projects; Anna, the soulful veteran whose craft is inspired by quilting tradition?


The Master Quilter: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 6

Simon & Schuster #ad - As financial troubles, relationship struggles, and unexpected opportunities beyond Elm Creek Quilt Camp test the bonds of friendship, the quilters must find a way to stitch together more than Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler to make a happy ending. But although the quilting retreat established at elm creek manor is a place where quilters share their creativity, their challenges, and devotion of their favorite master quilter, somehow in their haste to find a way to honor the wisdom, and their dreams, skill, they forget that sometimes secrets drive friends apart instead of drawing them closer.

The Master Quilter: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 6 #ad - A secret with such good intentions, they reason, couldn’t possibly do anyone harm. Eager to celebrate the union, her friends decide to create a beautiful wedding quilt to warm the newlyweds’ home and hearts. In this heartwarming novel about the meaning of friendship, the Elm Creek quilters pay tribute to their beloved matriarch and the bridal quilt that will be stitched in her honor.

The elm creek quilters are as surprised as anyone when their beloved matriarch, Sylvia Bergstrom Compson, Andrew, marries her sweetheart, at a festive holiday gathering at her ancestral home on Christmas Eve.


The Christmas Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 8

Simon & Schuster #ad - As each successive generation of bergstroms lived through its unique trials—the antebellum era, the Great Depression, World War II—tradition offered sustenance even during the most difficult times. Sylvia's tales at first seem to inform her family legacy but ultimately illuminate far more, from the importance of women's art to its place in commemorating our shared experience, at Christmastime and in every season.

Sylvia bergstrom compson, the Master Quilter, even subdued, has her own reasons for preferring a quiet, Christmas. At elm creek manor, christmas began as a celebration of simple virtues—joy and hope buoyed by the spirit of giving. Sylvia reveals that the handiwork spans several generations and a quartet of Bergstrom quilters—her great aunt, her mother, her sister, and herself.

The Christmas Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 8 #ad - As she examines the array of quilt blocks each family member contributed but never completed, memories of Christmases past emerge. For sylvia, or even forgotten, who is coping with the modern problem of family dispersed, estranged, reconciliation with her personal history may prove as elusive as piecing the Christmas Quilt.

Elm creek manor is full of secrets, from a Christmas tree with unusual properties to the sublime Bergstrom strudel recipe. Begun in seasonal fabrics and patterns, the quilt remains unfinished. A heartwarming rendition of how Christmas traditions at Elm Creek Manor were created—and embellished—over generations.

When christmas eve comes to Elm Creek Manor, the tenor of the holiday is far from certain.


The Quilter's Homecoming: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 10

Simon & Schuster #ad - Expecting to assume ownership of triumph Ranch, the couple instead learns that their deed is a fake, and that they must work for the rightful proprietors to earn their keep. A roaring twenties tale of boom and bust unfolds as young bride Elizabeth Bergstrom Nelson sets off with her husband, Henry, from her family home of Elm Creek Manor in Pennsylvania to start a new life in the unfamiliar terrain of southern California.

The Quilter's Homecoming: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 10 #ad - Resourceful elizabeth trades her trousseau—including the fine quilts stitched by her Bergstrom relatives—for the practical goods the Nelsons need to survive, and finds friendship with California native Rosa Diaz Barclay. When elizabeth discovers a mysterious cache of quilts made by a member of the Diaz family that reveals a misplaced legacy of love, and ancestral ties, land, it becomes clear that only by stitching the rift between the past and the future can the inhabitants of Triumph Ranch hope to live in peace alongside history.


The Quilter's Legacy: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 5

Simon & Schuster #ad - As the search continues, revelations surface about her mother, who died when Sylvia was only a child. Lincoln'’s dressmaker and the elm Creek Quilts series comes a moving novel following a daughter’s search for her mother’s treasured heirlooms. Sylvia’s quest leads her to unexpected places, where offers of assistance are not always what they seem.

. From scant resources—journal entries, receipts, and her own fading memories—she pieces together clues, then queries quilting friends from around the world. For every woman who has yearned to know the untold story of her mother’s life, and for every mother who has longed to be heard, The Quilter’s Legacy resonates with heartfelt honesty as it reveals what tenuous connections bind the generations, and celebrates the love that sustains them.

The Quilter's Legacy: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 5 #ad - From the new York Times bestselling author of Mrs. When precious heirloom quilts hand-stitched by her mother turn up missing from the attic of Elm Creek Manor, Sylvia Bergstrom Compson resolves to find them. As sylvia recovers some of the missing quilts and accepts others as lost forever, she reflects on the woman her mother was, and mourns the woman she never knew.

When dozens of leads arrive via the Internet, Sylvia and her fiancé embark on a nationwide investigation of antique shops and quilt museums.


The Winding Ways Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 12

Simon & Schuster #ad - Winding ways, a mosaic of overlapping circles and intertwining curves, would capture the spirit of their friendship at the moment of its transformation. But with judy and summer, departing to pursue other opportunities, "it's something of a miracle that i ended up here, " muses incoming teacher Gretchen, their friendship? "When I think of all the different paths I could have followed in my life, two other founding members of the Elm Creek Quilters, all the twists and turns that could have led me anywhere, will the new teachers be able to fill in the gaps created by the loss of their expertise—and more important, surrounded by loving friends.

But what of friends departed? as sylvia contemplates a tribute to the partnership of the Elm Creek Quilters, she is reminded of a traditional quilt pattern whose curved pieces symbolize a journey. There's sarah, who has a gift for appliqué; gwen, sylvia's onetime apprentice who's paired her quilting accomplishments with a mind for running the business of Elm Creek Quilts; Agnes, a whiz at the technicalities of quick-piecing; and Bonnie, who stitches innovative art quilts; Diane, with her encyclopedic knowledge of folk art patterns.

Will sylvia's choice inspire the founding members to remember that each is a unique part of a magnificent whole? Will the newcomers find ways to contribute, often hidden meanings of presence and absence, and to earn their place? The Winding Ways Quilt considers the complicated, and what change can mean for those who have come to rely upon one another.

The Winding Ways Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 12 #ad - Jennifer chiaverini's bestselling elm creek Quilts series continues with The Winding Ways Quilt, in which the arrival of newcomers into the circle of quilters heralds unexpected journeys down pathways near and far. Quilters have flocked to Elm Creek Manor to learn from Master Quilter Sylvia Compson and her expert colleagues.


The New Year's Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 11

Simon & Schuster #ad - She titles the quilt "new Year's Reflections, " after her belief that year-end reflections precede resolutions. As sylvia takes up a quilt for the season, begun and abandoned over six years, she recalls the New Year's Eve festivities of her youth at Elm Creek Manor as a member of the Bergstrom family. We can't hold on to the past, " says master quilter sylvia Compson, "but we can keep the best part of 'Auld Lang Syne' in our hearts and in our memories, and we can look forward to the future with hope and resolve.

As sylvia, has discovered, a late-in-life newlywed, love can enter our lives at any age. Vowing not to repeat the mistake with her new daughter-in-law, Amy, Andrew, who opposed Sylvia's marriage to her father, Sylvia must convince Amy that family is more precious than pride. Yet before she can truly delight in her present happiness, Claudia, she must face the sorrow hidden in her past -- her own role in the tragic circumstances that left her estranged from her sister, until it was too late to make amends.

The New Year's Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 11 #ad - As each holiday season approaches, some revel in welcoming the New Year ahead; others quietly mourn the passing of time gone by. The quilt blocks she chooses commemorate the wisdom that no one can ever be truly alone if she keeps the memory of those she loved and those who loved her alive in her heart. The new year's quilt is a novel to enjoy today and to treasure anew each holiday season.


The Runaway Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 4

Simon & Schuster #ad - The fourth book in the popular elm creek quilts series explores a question that has long captured the imagination of quilters and historians alike: Did stationmasters of the Underground Railroad use quilts to signal to fugitive slaves?In her first novel, The Quilter's Apprentice, Jennifer Chiaverini wove quilting lore with tales from the World War II home front.

Aided by the elm creek quilters, as well as by descendants of others named in Gerda's tale, Sylvia dares to face the demons of her family's past and at the same time reaffirm her own moral center. When a runaway named joanna arrives from a south Carolina plantation pregnant with her master's child, the Bergstroms shelter her through a long, dangerous winter -- imagining neither the impact of her presence nor the betrayal that awaits them.

A spellbinding fugue on the mysteries of heritage, The Runaway Quilt unfolds with all the drama and suspense of a classic in the making. Now, following round robin and the cross-country quilters, Chiaverini revisits the legends of Elm Creek Manor, as Sylvia Compson discovers evidence of her ancestors' courageous involvement in the Underground Railroad.

The Runaway Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 4 #ad - The memoir raises new questions for every one it answers, leading Sylvia ever deeper into the tangle of the Bergstrom legacy. Alerted to the possibility that her family had ties to the slaveholding South, Sylvia scours her attic and finds three quilts and a memoir written by Gerda, the spinster sister of clan patriarch Hans Bergstrom.

The memoir describes the founding of elm creek Manor and how, his wife, Anneke, using quilts as markers, Hans, and Gerda came to beckon fugitive slaves to safety within its walls.


The Quilter's Kitchen: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel with Recipes The Elm Creek Quilts Book 13

Simon & Schuster #ad - Though the task is daunting, Anna is assured in her belief that “A kitchen is the heart of a home. As she and sylvia begin to dismantle the old to make way for the new, Sylvia’s reminiscences remind them both of just how many of the manor’s traditions have involved food and celebrations. Somehow everything in my life ends up being about food, ” she realizes, as she begins the latest of her food-themed quilts.

Whether the feast is one of the holiday menus prepared and enjoyed by generations of Bergstroms, or one of the Welcome Banquets and Farewell Breakfasts that have become hallmarks of Elm Creek Quilt Camp, there is a story for every recipe, and a recipe for every story. As she records beloved recipes and creates original dishes seasoned with love, she rediscovers how the gifts of the table bring friends and family closer than ever.

The Quilter's Kitchen: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel with Recipes The Elm Creek Quilts Book 13 #ad - Anna del maso had known that she wanted to be a chef since she was in the seventh grade. As she joins the circle of quilters at historic elm Creek Manor, Anna is eager to preserve the manor’s culinary heritage, dating to 1858, while also celebrating the new favorites of their many guests. Yet as master quilter sylvia bergstrom compson well knows, the manor’s kitchen, last updated in the 1940s, can’t create food that compares to the state-of-the-art quilting instruction for which Elm Creek Quilts is renowned.

In the quilter’s kitchen, anna Del Maso revisits the kitchens of Elm Creek Manor, past and present. Her twin passions have converged in a brand-new position as head chef for Elm Creek Quilts, Waterford, Pennsylvania’s popular quilting retreat. A full renovation of the kitchen must be completed by the start of the new camp season.


The Lost Quilter: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 14

Simon & Schuster #ad - The knowledge that scraps can be pieced and sewn into simple lines -- beautiful both in and of themselves and also for what they represent and what they can accomplish -- carries Joanna through dark days. Though joanna's freedom proved short-lived -- she was forcibly returned by slave catchers to Josiah Chester's plantation in Virginia -- she left the Bergstrom family a most precious gift, her son.

That quilter was joanna, a fugitive slave who traveled by the Underground Railroad to reach safe haven in 1859 at Elm Creek Farm. Master quilter sylvia bergstrom compson treasures an antique quilt called by three names -- Birds in the Air, after the woman who sewed it; and the Elm Creek Quilt, after its pattern; the Runaway Quilt, after the place to which its maker longed to return.

Punished for her escape by being sold off to her master's brother in Edisto Island, South Carolina, Joanna grieves over the loss of her son and resolves to run again, to reunite with him someday in the free North. Now it falls to sylvia -- drawing upon Gerda's diary and Joanna's quilt -- to connect Joanna's past to present-day Elm Creek Manor.

The Lost Quilter: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel The Elm Creek Quilts Book 14 #ad - Farther south than she has ever been, friends, and even love in the slave quarter of Oak Grove, she nevertheless finds allies, a cotton plantation where her skill with needle and thread soon becomes highly prized. Sustaining herself and her family through ingenuity and art during the Civil War and into Reconstruction, Joanna leaves behind a remarkable artistic legacy that, at last, allows Sylvia to discover the fate of the long-lost quilter.

Determined to remember each landmark on the route north, Joanna pieces a quilt of scraps left over from the household sewing, concealing clues within the meticulous stitches. Later, where secrets she keeps will affect the fate of a nation, Joanna moves on to Charleston, in service as a seamstress to the new bride of a Confederate officer, and her abilities and courage enable her to aid the country and the people she loves most.