Money and Possessions

Westminster John Knox Press - He invites the church to move toward an alternative neighborly economy that is more consistent with the gospel we confess. ". Brueggemann advises us to reassess the ways in which our society engages or does not engage questions of money and possessions as carriers of social possibility. He proposes six theses concerning money and possessions in the Bible, observing their contradictory nature to the conventional wisdom and practice of both the ancient world and today s society.

Indeed, a close look at many scriptural texts reveals that economics is a core preoccupation of the biblical tradition. In this new work, highly regarded preacher and scholar Walter Brueggemann explores the recurring theme of money and possessions in the Old and New Testaments. The bible is rich with complex and diverse material on the topic of money and possessions.

A Spirituality of Fundraising Henri Nouwen Spirituality

Upper Room Books - It's time to change the way you view this important task. Have you ever raised funds for your church, another organization, or a mission trip? Maybe you felt uncomfortable about asking people to donate money. A spirituality of Fundraising.

Not Your Parents' Offering Plate: A New Vision for Financial Stewardship

Abingdon Press - Unlike leading nonprofit agencies and institutions, we too often fail to convince potential givers that their gifts will have impact and significance. Hearing a young attorney speak of the faithbased reasons for which he had just made a substantial monetary gift to a community youth center, Clif Christopher asked the speaker if he would consider making a similar contribution to the congregation of which he was an active member.

Written with the needs of pastors and stewardship teams in mind, Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate provides immediate, practical guidance to all who seek to help God’s people be better stewards of their resources. Lord, no they would not know what to do with it” was the answer. People don’t give to church because we don’t offer them a compelling vision of the good their giving will achieve.

Not Your Parents' Offering Plate: A New Vision for Financial Stewardship - A spirituality of Fundraising. In this book, christopher lays out the main reasons for this failure to capture the imagination of potential givers, including our frequent failure simply to ask. That, describes the problem churches are facing in their stewardship efforts, in a nutshell, says Christopher.

Christianity and the New Spirit of Capitalism

Yale University Press - Exploring the cultural forms typical of the current finance‑dominated system of capitalism, Tanner shows how they can be countered by Christian beliefs and practices with a comparable person‑shaping capacity. Addressing head‑on the issues of economic inequality, and capitalism’s unstable boom/bust cycles, structural under- and unemployment, she draws deeply on the theological resources within Christianity to imagine anew a world of human flourishing.

This book promises to be one of the most important theological books in recent years. A spirituality of Fundraising. One of the world’s most celebrated theologians argues for a Protestant anti-work ethic In his classic The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Max Weber famously showed how Christian beliefs and practices could shape persons in line with capitalism.

Christianity and the New Spirit of Capitalism - In this significant reimagining of weber’s work, Kathryn Tanner provocatively reverses this thesis, arguing that Christianity can offer a direct challenge to the largely uncontested growth of capitalism.

Christians in an Age of Wealth: A Biblical Theology of Stewardship Biblical Theology for Life

Zondervan Academic - He points to the goodness of wealth, as God originally designed it, but also surveys the Bible’s many warnings against making an idol out of money. So are material possessions a blessing for which we should long? And what are the dangers that the use or abuse of material possessions can produce?Blomberg expounds upon how the sharing of goods and possessions is the key safeguard against both greed and covetousness.

In this book, craig blomberg addresses the tough questions about the place and purpose of wealth and material possessions in a Christian’s life. He expands on the concept of giving generously, even sacrificially, to those who are needier, demonstrating how Christians can participate in God’s original good design for abundance and demonstrate the world-altering gospel of Christ.

Christians in an Age of Wealth: A Biblical Theology of Stewardship Biblical Theology for Life - Is there any one key to keeping possessions in their proper, god-intended perspective?Are there limits on how rich we should become or on how poor we should allow others to get?What does a truly Christian economic system look like?How does the Bible’s teaching on wealth fit into the gospel? A spirituality of Fundraising.

Sabbath as Resistance, New Edition with Study Guide: Saying No to the Culture of Now

Westminster John Knox Press - Perfect for groups or self-reflection, sabbath as Resistance offers a transformative vision of the wholeness God intends, giving world-weary Christians a glimpse of a more fulfilling and simpler life through Sabbath observance. Brueggemann calls out our 24/7 society of consumption, a society in which we live to achieve, perform, accomplish, and possess.

. A spirituality of Fundraising. Brueggemann shows readers how keeping the Sabbath allows us to break this restless cycle and focus on what is truly important: God, other people, all life. In this new edition that includes a study guide, popular author Walter Brueggemann writes that the Sabbath is not simply about keeping rules but rather about becoming a whole person and restoring a whole society.

Sabbath as Resistance, New Edition with Study Guide: Saying No to the Culture of Now - We want more, own more, eat more, use more, and drink more.

Preaching from the Old Testament Working Preacher

Fortress Press - The author also assumes that a wholesale sustained engagement with the Old Testament is worth the effort for the preacher. In this new volume, prolific scholar walter Brueggemann seeks to show Christian preachers how to consider the faith witnessed in several Old Testament traditions and to help them discover rich and suggestive connections to our contemporary faith challenges.

A spirituality of Fundraising. He recognizes what he calls the "sorry state" of Old Testament texts in the Revised Common Lectionary, which he claims often constitute a major disservice for the church and its preachers. The lectionary gerrymanders the Old Testament to make it serve other claims, most of the time not allowing it to have its own evangelical say.

Preaching from the Old Testament Working Preacher - . Brueggemann hopes that his exposition in this volume will evoke and energize fresh homiletical attention to the Old Testament, precisely because he believes the urgent work of the gospel in our society requires attentive listening to these ancient voices of bold insistent faith.

The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life

W. W. Norton & Company - Norton. In doing so, we can transform our lives. The soul of money now includes a foreword from Jack Canfield and a new introduction by Lynne Twist, in which she explores the effects of the Great Recession and environmental concerns about our monetary needs and aims. With warmth, and storytelling, honesty, Lynne turns everything we think we know about money upside down…It's the book we all need right now.

Brené brown, Ph. D. Spending it, author of the #1 new york times bestseller Rising StrongThis liberating book shows us that examining our attitudes toward money―earning it, and giving it away―offers surprising insight into our lives. A spirituality of Fundraising. Through personal stories and practical advice, Lynne Twist asks us to discover our relationship with money, and by assessing our core human values, understand how we use it, align our relationship with it to our desired goals.

The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life - A life-changing read.

Ministry and Money: A Practical Guide for Pastors

Westminster John Knox Press - Ministry and money serves as an excellent primer on accounting practices, church financial reports, and church budgets. With this book, pastors and clergy finally have a practical resource for managing money in the church. Norton. A spirituality of Fundraising. Money is a key issue in today's Christian faith communities but it can be a touchy subject to address.

Throughout, the authors provide real-life examples to help clarify basic approaches to issues of money.

The Art of Bible Translation

Princeton University Press - The bible’s style, history, “is not some sort of aesthetic embellishment of the ‘message’ of Scripture but the vital medium through which the biblical vision of God, human nature, society, Alter writes, politics, and moral value is conveyed. And, as the translators of the King James Version knew, the authority of the Bible is inseparable from its literary authority.

For these reasons, rhythm, and alter discusses the principal aspects of style in the Hebrew Bible that any translator should try to reproduce: word choice, syntax, the Bible can be brought to life in English only by re-creating its literary virtuosity, word play and sound play, and dialogue. An award-winning biblical translator reflects on the art of capturing the literary power of the Bible in EnglishIn this brief book, award-winning biblical translator and acclaimed literary critic Robert Alter offers a personal and passionate account of what he learned about the art of Bible translation over the two decades he spent completing his own English version of the Hebrew Bible.

The Art of Bible Translation - Alter’s literary training gave him the advantage of seeing that a translation of the Bible can convey the text’s meaning only by trying to capture the powerful and subtle literary style of the biblical Hebrew, something the modern English versions don’t do justice to. In the process, he provides an illuminating and accessible introduction to biblical style that also offers insights about the art of translation far beyond the Bible.

A spirituality of Fundraising. Norton.

Miracles: God's Presence and Power in Creation Interpretation: Resoures for the Use of Scripture in the Church

Westminster John Knox Press - Norton. A spirituality of Fundraising. His analysis includes:a description of the competing symbolic worldviews that have framed the discussion on miracles, prayer, perceive, including secular debates and theological imagination;interpretation of miracles consonant with the biblical construction of reality in the Old and New Testaments; suggestions for four areas in the church's life—teaching, and pastoral care—that can work together to shape a symbolic world, within which believers can expect, preaching, and celebrate the miracles in everyday life.

. In this excellent resource for church professionals, Johnson reclaims Christian belief in miracles as integral to recovering a proper and strong sense of creation, recognizing the validity of personal experience and narrative and asserting the truth-telling quality of myth. Yet cultural challenges and modernity's skepticism have marginalized belief in them as unreasonable and irrational, says Luke Timothy Johnson.

Miracles: God's Presence and Power in Creation Interpretation: Resoures for the Use of Scripture in the Church - Miracles are not confined to the stories of Scripture; these signs of God's presence and power in creation are experienced throughout our daily existence.