Birdcall Morning

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform #ad - Imagine if you left this world in 1994 and returned in 2011 Joel Berskin is about to come out of a coma after being hopelessly trapped between life and death for over seventeen years. Birdcall morning is an emotional and life-affirming tale about the struggle to start over, the value of friendship, the true nature of love, and the changing times that we live in.

With one foot in the past and a heavy heart, Joel is about to slowly reenter a very different world than the one he left. The last time he was conscious, at thirty-one, O. J. It’s the sort of book that takes you on an unexpected journey that’s captivating until the very last word. Simpson had just led police on a long car chase and nobody knew the name Monica Lewinsky.

Birdcall Morning #ad - When he turns on the strange-looking flat screen in his room at the nursing home, he hears reporters on one channel after another talking about Charlie Sheen’s infamous meltdown. Luckily, angels disguised as therapists and the support of old friends help him through a grueling rehabilitation. As joel grapples with the loss of his independence, who has driven him crazy since birth, he realizes that his mother, will be his caretaker for the foreseeable future.

After his mother arrives at his bedside, he learns that his father has died, his wife has divorced him, and the music store that he owned for most of his adult life has been sold.


All That Ails You: The Adventures of a Canine Caregiver

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform #ad - The smart, good-natured dog now spends his days at SunRidge Assisted Living, comforting and doting on forty-five seniors. But something dramatic is about to happen that will shake SunRidge and make the old man see the house dog in a very different light. Walter can’t stand Wrigley, or anything else for that matter.

Told in wrigley’s voice, all that Ails You is an endearing story about the power of a dog’s love when we need it most. The reader won't easily forget hard-working Wrigley, a dog who gives his whole heart to bringing out the best in people. Susan wilson, author of New York Times bestseller One Good Dog.

All That Ails You: The Adventures of a Canine Caregiver #ad - Wrigley has free run of the place—going where he senses he’s needed—but his preferred spot is beside his favorite resident, Marjorie Thompson. All is well until a curmudgeon named Walter Kepsen moves in across the hall from Marjorie. Over 400 five star reviews!every dog deserves a forever home and after being given up several times, Wrigley has finally found his.


The Girl Who Lived: A Thrilling Suspense Novel

Greyson Media Associates #ad - The girl who lived should come with a warning label: once you start reading, you won't be able to stop. Visit ChristopherGreyson. Com to find out more about your favorite characters, giveaways, and updates on new book releases. Hear your favorite characters come to life in the bestselling audiobook now available through Audible.

His unique stories and no-nonsense style of writing will take you on a page-turning roller coaster ride of emotions right to the very end. These books can be read in any order: 

and then she was gone prequel girl jacked jack Knifed Jacks Are Wild Jack and the Giant Killer Data Jack Jack of Hearts Jack Frost  
Christopher Greyson's novels weave tales full of mystery, action and suspense with laugh-out-loud humor and sizzling romance.

Finding no solace at the bottom of a bottle, Faith decides to track down her sister's killer—only to discover that she's the one being hunted. No one believes her story. Wracked by the lingering echoes of survivor's guilt, Faith spirals into a black hole of alcoholism and wanton self-destruction. Her therapist thinks she's suicidal.

The Girl Who Lived: A Thrilling Suspense Novel #ad - They're all right—but did she see the killer? best mystery/thriller ebook of the year — independent publisher book awards 2018 winner best thriller — national indie excellence awards 2018 winner best thriller — Silver Falchion Award 2018 Finalist eBook Fiction — Indie Book Awards 2018 Silver Medal Suspense — Reader’s Favorite Book Awards 2018 Voted Most Loved Cover — NetGalley Readers Grab your copy of this highly-acclaimed psychological thriller today! As the anniversary of the murders approaches, Faith Winters is released from the psychiatric hospital and yanked back to the last spot on earth she wants to be—her hometown where the slayings took place.

Sharp characters enmeshed in a mystery that, particularly in its final lap, is a gleefully dizzy ride.


Humphrey Was Here: A Dog Owner's Story of Love, Loss, and Letting Go

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform #ad - At the time mark had just finished work on his first book, a loving tribute to senior dogs, Humphrey, and his dog, had been the inspiration. Humphrey was here is about how one carries on after the death of a pet that meant the world to them. It's an emotional and cathartic story of grieving and recovery that will deeply touch any dog lover.

The sudden and devastating loss sent Mark into a debilitating state of anger, grief and guilt, wondering what he could have done to prevent the incident. The honesty and wisdom that grace this book will serve as a balm for others coping with their own pain. Best friends magazine the loss of a beloved pet breaks your heart in a way that animal lovers know all too well.

Humphrey Was Here: A Dog Owner's Story of Love, Loss, and Letting Go #ad - Lost and empty without the four-legged companion who had seen him through a divorce, Mark decided to go to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, and a new job, relocation to a new city, Utah to volunteer and find his way through the pain. Mark asher experienced losing his German Shepherd/Chow mix in the worst of ways: while the dog was out of his care.

Used book in Good Condition.


The Hideaway

Thomas Nelson #ad - Amid drywall dust, old memories, and a charming contractor, she discovers that slipping back into life at The Hideaway is easier than she expected. Then she discovers a box Mags left in the attic with clues to a life Sara never imagined for her grandmother. In this usa today and amazon charts bestseller, sara is wrenched back to Sweet Bay, Alabama, by her grandmother’s will, where she learns more about Margaret Van Buren in the wake of her death than she ever knew in her life.

After her last remaining family member dies, Sara Jenkins goes home to The Hideaway, her grandmother Mags’s ramshackle B&B in Sweet Bay. Instead, she learns mags has willed the hideaway to her and charged her with renovating it—no small task considering her grandmother’s best friends, a motley crew of senior citizens, still live there.

Rather than hurrying back to New Orleans, Sara stays in Sweet Bay and begins the biggest house-rehabbing project of her career. With help from mags’s friends, sara begins to piece together the mysterious life of bravery, passion, and choices that changed her grandmother’s destiny in both marvelous and devastating ways.

The Hideaway #ad - When an opportunistic land developer threatens to seize the Hideaway, Sara is forced to make a choice—stay in Sweet Bay and fight for the house and the people she’s grown to love or leave again and return to her successful but solitary life in New Orleans. In the hideaway, lauren denton tells a gripping story of love and loyalty as Sara Jenkins must choose either to fight for the people she has come to love, or return to her life of solitude and simplicity.

A story both powerful and enchanting: a don’t-miss novel in the greatest southern traditions of storytelling.


The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek: A Novel

Sourcebooks Landmark #ad - Thomas nelson. Thanks to roosevelt's kentucky pack Horse Library Project, Troublesome's got its very own traveling librarian, Cussy Mary Carter. If cussy wants to bring the joy of books to the hill folks, she's going to have to confront prejudice as old as the Appalachias and suspicion as deep as the holler.

Inspired by the true blue-skinned people of kentucky and the brave and dedicated Kentucky Pack Horse library service of the 1930s, fierce strength, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek is a story of raw courage, and one woman's belief that books can carry us anywhere―even back home. Additional praise for the book Woman of Troublesome Creek:"A unique story about Appalachia and the healing power of the written word.

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek: A Novel #ad - Kirkus"a timeless and significant tale about poverty, intolerance and how books can bring hope and light to even the darkest pocket of history. Karen abbott, new york times bestselling author of Liar Temptress Soldier Spy"Emotionally resonant and unforgettable, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek is a lush love letter to the redemptive power of books.

Joshilyn jackson, new york times and USA Today bestselling author of The Almost Sisters Used book in Good Condition. Not everyone is keen on cussy's family or the Library Project, and a Blue is often blamed for any whiff of trouble. An oprah's buzziest books pick for mayindie next PickLibraryReads Pick Southern Independent Book Alliance SIBA Spring OKRA PICK ".


We Were the Lucky Ones: A Novel

Penguin Books #ad - Thomas nelson. But soon the horrors overtaking europe will become inescapable and the Kurcs will be flung to the far corners of the world, each desperately trying to navigate his or her own path to safety. An extraordinary, propulsive novel, we Were the Lucky Ones demonstrates how in the face of the twentieth century’s darkest moment, the human spirit can endure and even thrive.

Used book in Good Condition. As one sibling is forced into exile, another attempts to flee the continent, while others struggle to escape certain death, either by working grueling hours on empty stomachs in the factories of the ghetto or by hiding as gentiles in plain sight. The talk around the family seder table is of new babies and budding romance, not of the increasing hardships threatening Jews in their hometown of Radom, Poland.

We Were the Lucky Ones: A Novel #ad - Driven by an unwavering will to survive and by the fear that they may never see one another again, the Kurcs must rely on hope, ingenuity, and inner strength to persevere. New york times bestsellerinspired by the incredible true story of one jewish family separated at the start of World War II, determined to survive—and to reunite—We Were the Lucky Ones is a tribute to the triumph of hope and love against all odds.

Love in the face of global adversity? It couldn't be more timely. Glamour   it is the spring of 1939 and three generations of the Kurc family are doing their best to live normal lives, even as the shadow of war grows closer.


The Storyteller's Secret: A Novel

Lake Union Publishing #ad - Through her courageous grandmother’s arrestingly romantic and heart-wrenching story, Jaya discovers the legacy bequeathed to her and a strength that, until now, she never knew was possible. But it is ravi—her grandmother’s former servant and trusted confidant—who reveals the resilience, struggles, secret love, and tragic fall of Jaya’s pioneering grandmother during the British occupation.

An amazon charts, uSA Today, and Washington Post bestseller. From the bestselling author of trail of Broken Wings comes an epic story of the unrelenting force of love, the power of healing, and the invincible desire to dream. Nothing prepares jaya, a new York journalist, for the heartbreak of her third miscarriage and the slow unraveling of her marriage in its wake.

The Storyteller's Secret: A Novel #ad - Used book in Good Condition. Desperate to assuage her deep anguish, she decides to go to India to uncover answers to her family’s past. Intoxicated by the sights, smells, and sounds she experiences, Jaya becomes an eager student of the culture. Thomas nelson.


Ordinary Grace

Atria Books SG-USB-333 #ad - Thomas nelson. A grace so ordinary there was no reason at all to remember it. It was a time of innocence and hope for a country with a new, young president. Used book in Good Condition. Ordinary Grace. New york times bestseller winner of the 2014 edgar award for best novel winner of the 2014 dilys award a school library journal best book of 2013 from new york times bestselling author william Kent Krueger, a brilliant new novel about a young man, a small town, and murder in the summer of 1961.

That was it. Accident. That was all of it. Murder. But for thirteen-year-old Frank Drum it was a grim summer in which death visited frequently and assumed many forms. Yet i have never across the forty years since it was spoken forgotten a single word. New bremen, Minnesota, 1961. It is an unforgettable novel about discovering the terrible price of wisdom and the enduring grace of God.

Ordinary Grace #ad - Suicide. Frank begins the season preoccupied with the concerns of any teenage boy, lies, adultery, and betrayal, artistic mother; Juilliard-bound older sister; and wise-beyond-his-years kid brother—he finds himself thrust into an adult world full of secrets, but when tragedy unexpectedly strikes his family—which includes his Methodist minister father; his passionate, suddenly called upon to demonstrate a maturity and gumption beyond his years.

Told from frank’s perspective forty years after that fateful summer, Ordinary Grace is a brilliantly moving account of a boy standing at the door of his young manhood, trying to understand a world that seems to be falling apart around him.


Sold on a Monday: A Novel

Sourcebooks Landmark #ad - For struggling reporter Ellis Reed, the gut-wrenching scene evokes memories of his family’s dark past. Used book in Good Condition. A new york times bestseller a usa today bestseller a publishers weekly bestsellera national indiebound bestseller  an unforgettable novel by Kristina McMorris, inspired by a stunning piece of history.

Sold on a Monday: A Novel #ad - 2 children for sale the sign is a last resort. Thomas nelson. Inspired by an actual newspaper photograph that stunned the nation, redemption, Sold on a Monday is a powerful novel of love, and the unexpected paths that bring us home. It sits on a farmhouse porch in 1931, but could be found anywhere in an era of breadlines, bank runs and broken dreams.

But when it leads to his big break, the consequences are more devastating than he ever imagined. It could have been written by any mother facing impossible choices. Ordinary Grace. He snaps a photograph of the children, not meant for publication.


The Tuscan Child

Lake Union Publishing #ad - But the love that kindled between them was shaken by an irreversible betrayal. Nearly thirty years later, joanna, Hugo’s estranged daughter, has returned home to the English countryside to arrange her father’s funeral. Ordinary Grace. Joanna soon discovers that some would prefer the past be left undisturbed, but she has come too far to let go of her father’s secrets now… Used book in Good Condition.

Badly wounded, he found refuge in a ruined monastery and in the arms of Sofia Bartoli. Thomas nelson. In it is a startling revelation. Still dealing with the emotional wounds of her own personal trauma, Joanna embarks on a healing journey to Tuscany to understand her father’s history—and maybe come to understand herself as well.

The Tuscan Child #ad - From new york times and wall street journal bestselling author Rhys Bowen comes a haunting novel about a woman who braves her father’s hidden past to discover his secrets… “Pass the bread, the olives, and the wine. Among his personal effects is an unopened letter addressed to Sofia. Oh, and a copy of The Tuscan Child to savor with them.

Nprin 1944, british bomber pilot Hugo Langley parachuted from his stricken plane into the verdant fields of German-occupied Tuscany.